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October 13 – November 10, 2016
Brian Richer “Captive” & Carol Sutton “French Gardens & Ovals” 

Depicted to the left: Brian Richer Installation “Captive Table”, 2016  36 x 24 x 20″ & “Captive Stool”, 2016 16 x 15 x 20″ Edition 1 of 3  Indiana Limestone, Cedar

Award-winning artist, sculptor/scientist/philosopher Brian Richer and internationally collected, award-winning lyrical abstractionist Carol Sutton will be filling the gallery with beauty, colour, light, shape, abstraction and hard science.

There will be an “In Conversation with Carol Sutton” with Sky Goodden, Editor of Momus on October 20, 2016 at 6:30 pm. RSVP the gallery via email info@galleryhouse.ca or via tel: 416.587.0057.

In this exhibition the series titled “The Captive” or ‘unfinished’ figures of Michelangelo are the primary inspiration for the Non-Finito series by Brian Richer. One can still see the grooves from the chisel, the process of the work, revealing the hand of the sculptor. Unlike most sculptors—who built a model and then marked up their block of marble to know where to carve—Michelangelo always worked freehand.

With Sutton’s exhibition it showcases some of her most popular series of works—the Fan series; Russian broach motif, Carl Faberge, the Water spiral series and the Garden series inspired by the Gustave Caillebotte & Andre le Norte, a few of which are collected by our very own Toronto art collector, David Mirvish. 

Her artwork is represented in many public and private international contemporary art collections including: Smithsonian American Art Museum, The Museum of Fine Arts Boston, Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona (MACBA), Barcelona, Spain, Art Gallery of Alberta, Alberta, Canada and the Hamilton Art Gallery / AGH, Hamilton, Canada; and Agnes Etherington Art Centre – Queen’s University, Canada.

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