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gallery-house-box-sets-ray2gallery-house-box-sets-selena3Art Collector Starter Series & Gifts

Image (left): Ray Caesar Limited Box Set Edition of 50.

The highly anticipated release of limited edition box sets for the art collector just beginning and those already seasoned. Check out these must have box sets by Ray Caesar, Myron Zabol and Selena Wong. These museum quality art prints are presented in a beautiful cloth covered box that is hand bound.

Each box set will contain archival pigmented prints on bright white, archival, acid free, fine art paper. Al prints are hand signed and numbered by the artist.

Image (right): Selena Wong Limited Box Set Edition of 25.

The Ray Caesar box will contain a set of 6 prints individually signed – Edition size of 50. $2200 for Edition 6-9.

Artist Myron Zabol will be releasing two box sets one titled Paris Fin De Siècle and the other Les Jardins Sauvage. Each set will contain 15 prints individually signed – Edition size of 25. The first (5) boxes are $1875.

Artist Selena Wong box will contain a set of 10 prints individually signed – Edition size of 25. The first (5) boxes are $850.

The boxes measure 13 3/4″ x 10 3/4″ x 1 1/2″ and are made from archival acid free board covered in grey archival linen book cloth. The print size will vary for each artist. Each set will also contain a introductory note on Gallery House letterhead.

These very limited and exquisite sets are affordably priced starting from $850 and up depending on the artist you select and are perfect for both the seasoned and neophyte collector.

Ray Caesar New Works “Tainted”

Toronto: Jan 28 – Feb 22, 2017 – Gallery House is pleased to announce Ray Caesars’ solo exhibition “Tainted” at Gallery House, Toronto Canada. Gallery hours (as of Feb 2, 2017) are: Thurs – Sat 11:00 – 4:00 pm.

“The unconscious is more truthful and honest and tainted then we think…” In this show Caesar’s work uncovers the deep desires and secrets we hide even from ourselves as he explores the inescapable weight of memory and how it can taint our perception of the physical world.

Ray Caeser’s digital paintings exist in a world unto themselves, a place that is not on any map or mentioned in any guidebook.  Ornate, architectural and sinister, they echo the grandeur of Reynolds and Gainsborough and the grace of Rococo artists Watteau and Boucher, but have a dreamy, dark, otherworldly quality that feel both sensual and sinister.

Works featured include:

The Launderette: “My Mother was a night owl and would often do laundry in the middle of the night. The basement of the apartment building I lived in, with its laundry room, lockers, furnace rooms and vast garage, became a haunting strange place for me … especially late at night as I often wandered there like a prowling cat when everyone else was asleep. I still dream I am sitting in that laundry room as that child in the 1960s.  I am also inspired by Leviticus and the nature of cleanliness as a way of life, although for me, the Bible is just a set of stories and a kind of spoken history of our species in much the same way my work is a spoken story of my own life with all its memory both real and mystical.”

In One Ear and Out The Other: “It’s about listening to the subconscious part of our mind where reason, meaning and self-absorption can overwhelm intuition and feeling. It’s about how narcissists create a vacuum in their own world. My father is referenced in this piece as a narcissist, and to some degree so is the world of Trumpian politics. The girl is his muse but he can’t hear her because he is too self-absorbed. The work is drawing a parallel from a dialogue of our personal subconscious to the global or collective subconscious of our species. The Dog/wolf is a repetitive archetype that is part of my primal mind. It is also the way I saw my family — as a pack of wolves. My beginnings in life seemed like being part of a strangely cultured pack of beasts that could turn violent and kill in a split second. That more than anything formed who I am today.

The Hive: “It’s about community; the nature of how we all live together and how that society is ordered.  As someone who has a dissociative identity disorder I often feel part of a community of separate parts like a hive of buzzing bees… individual but with a common purpose.”

Gallery House Hours from Feb 2 – 25, 2017 inclusive is Thurs, Fri & Sat 11:00 – 4:00 pm

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