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Co Curated Exhibition by Ray Caesar & Gallery House

The Hours of Silence
Depicted to the left:
Selena Wong “Embedded” 2016  12.5 x 10″ Gouache on Paper
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Eleven artists will be featured in the show: Jana Brike, Troy Brooks, Ronnie Burkett, Elif Varol Ergen, Ray Caesar, Sonya Fu, Ryan Heshka, Jessica Joslin, Heiko Muller, Aron Wiesenfeld and Selena Wong. Uniting the artists in this surreal Wunderkammer of mystery are the common themes of whimsy, sadness, arcane machinery, nature, isolation, comics, movies, spooky dreams, natural history and fairy tales.

Ray Caesar says: “I chose the artists for the show based on the art I have found myself responding to over many years. When I dive into the ocean of their work I am forever influenced by feelings and emotions that I find difficult to assimilate at once … their work evokes a complex form of inspiration that sometimes is a vague indescribable feeling. I love the idea of bringing [many of] these artists to Toronto to Gallery House. Toronto has such a large and growing art community but it can also be a very rigid market that tends to show one flavour of work. I want there to be a doorway for artists outside of this city to have access as I think Torontonians as collectors and art enthusiasts would just love to see these works. Sometimes I find their pieces similar to my own direction if not in content but in nature or emotional response, and other times I find them so different that it’s refreshing to view their sense of image in contrast to my own. I have always made art on the assumption that if I love what I do …a few others will love it too. I want to curate shows on what I love to see …and I am sure there will be others who will love to see it too.”

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