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Iatmul ancestor head - Papua New Guinea 19th c. (2)

Solo Exhibition Jack Burman June 11 – July 2, 2016.

The show coincides with the release of his book The Dead (Vol.II)
Depicted to the left: Iatmul ancestor head – Papua New Guinea 19th C (2)  image size 40 x 44.5″  Edition of 5

Kodak Professional Endura Premier Paper
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The highly anticipated showing of new work by memento mori photographer Jack Burman, continuing his haunting, and often beautiful meditation on the intense, shocking and gruesome reality of Death.

The show coincides with the release of his book The Dead (Vol.II) (Toronto: Andora, 2016), a continuation of his previous publication, the limited-edition hardcover The Dead (Toronto: Magenta Foundation, 2010).

Jack Burman’s photographs of the dead take us to the very edge of the thinkable, and beyond it.” – John Bentley Mays

Born in Hamilton, Burman has worked since the 1980’s primarily in anatomy and pathology departments, cabinets of curiosities, catacombs, university specimen collections, monastery and museum facilities, and private collections—where the dead, parts of the dead or anatomical preservations are found, in such regions as Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Turkey, France, Germany, Italy and Bulgaria.

Working with a black curtain and two large-format sheet-film bellows cameras Burman shoots in natural light, which imbues his work with a quiet, dreamlike quality. Although his images have garnered a reputation for their disquieting, shocking and even gruesome imagery, upon reflection one comes away with an almost sublime respect for mortality, transience and the place death inhabits in our culture. The photographs are more meditation than Penny Dreadful. He is sometimes asked the purpose of this work. In a statement in the new book he responds: “It is to show the thrust & presence of the body. The strength of damage & loss. The hardness & motions of time laid on & under the skin. The feel.”

Selected solo shows include Humanorium/EX MURO, Quebec City; Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography, Ottawa; The Palace of Culture, Warsaw; Justina M. Barnicke Gallery, Toronto; The Arsenal/Le Mois de la Photo, Montréal. Permanent collection: The National Gallery of Canada.

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