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Dina Goldstein Coming To Gallery House – May 11th

Dina Goldstein_CBC Arts article

As part of the Scotiabank Contact series Dina Goldstein‘s phenomenally successful series Fallen Princesses will be showing at Gallery House from May 11th to June 10th. Dina has been the subject of much press, here is an article about her from CBC Arts.

CBC Arts March 4 th , 2016

CBC Arts recently featured Gallery House artist Dina Goldstein in an article that features her unsettling and conversation starting pieces. The Vancouver based artist has been photographing princesses and icons for some time now, but portrays them in an unusual way different from the way we are used to seeing them. Goldstein puts a twist on her images as she depicts these recognizable figures in everyday scenes. These provocative works disturb the image of a perfect life but also depict images of survival. For the full article click here.



George Jae Hyun Cho – Artist Bio

Originally from Seoul, Korea, George Jae-Hyun Cho earned his BFA in Ceramics from NSCAD University and a Diploma in Ceramics from Sheridan College. He was awarded the NSCAD-Lunenburg Community Studio Residency position in 2010 and was accepted into Harbourfront Centre’s Artist-in-Residence. Upon completing the contract with Harbourfront, he will be pursuing an MFA in Ceramics at West Virginia University beginning this September in Jingdezhen, China.

The displacement of familiarity brings forth transformations out of necessity, insecurity, or sentimentality. While universal experiences can take a unique personal manifestation, Cho was marked by adopting a new culture, where he searches for  self-identity directed by the medium of ceramics.

Through cultural understanding and adaptation, Cho seeks to find harmony within his personal and artistic struggles to transcend tradition but to also rediscover the spirit of tradition. Challenging the notion of utility and the virtue of classical beauty, the presence and absence of the metaphysical qualities of pottery are explored through deconstruction of ideas and forms. Currently, Cho’s work brings simple utilitarian objects to mimic iconic pottery forms and explore the notion of the ordinary into something unique and virtuous. With this new series of work, Cho continue to investigate the intersection between art and craft, everyday objects and the spectacle.

View Full CV

Born 1981, Seoul Korea


2015-2018 West Virginia University; M.F.A. Candidate in Ceramics
2008-2010 Nova Scotia College of Art and Design; B.F.A. in Ceramics
2005-2008 Sheridan Institute of Technology &Advanced Learning; Adv. Dipl. in Ceramics


Gallery House, Toronto Canada (Solo)

12 Trees: 30 under 30; Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Arts; Toronto, Canada (Group)
Site Installation; Queen Specific Gallery; Toronto, Canada (Group)
Making Arrangement; Harbourfront Centre; Toronto, Canada (Group)
Materialize; Craft Ontario Gallery; Toronto, Canada (Group)
LOCALE; Artport Gallery; Harbourfront Centre; Toronto, Canada (Group)
Studious; Main Gallery, Harbourfront Centre; Toronto, Canada (Group)

Artists Without Borders; Mu Fei Gallery; Jingdezhen, China (Group)
Chronos; Missisauga Living Arts Centre Gallery; Mississauga, Canada (Group)


Tucker’s Pottery Award of Merit, Mississauga Potter’s Guild
Access and Career Development Grant; Ontario Arts Council

Spectrum Award; Toronto Potters Guild
Craft Community of Canada Award; NSCAD Nomination

Ray Caesar – Artist Bio

Ray Caesar (b.1958 in London, UK).

Caesar is known in the fine art world as the grandfather of digital art Caesars works are partly inspired by the Dutch and Flemish masters Vermeer and Jan van Eyck, as well as 18thcentury painter Gainsborough and French Rococo artists Watteau and Boucher.  He is also heavily inspired by Japanese culture – this stems partly from the influence of his Japanese wife Jane and her family who introduced Caesar to writers Yukio Mishima and Jun’ichiro Tanizaki.  Both writers have a distinctive Japanese aesthetic exploring and questioning Japan’s continual slide toward Western-influenced modernization and associated loss of Japanese tradition.  Some of Tanizaki’s works present shockingly sexual and destructive erotic obsessions; others subtly portray the dynamics of family life.  The femme fatale is a theme repeated in many of Tanizaki’s work. Another theme is the samurai ethic of balancing the cultivation of beauty and discipline by the way of the sword – simultaneously valuing honor, dignity and serenity – life lived as Art. Themes found also in Rays work.

Caesar’s works in turn are creations from his life memories and events.  His visual diaries captivate us and repel us, yet we always ache for more.  And like a diary, once we put pen to paper the words have soothing effect and gives the artists an inner calm that is shared.

Caesar has paved new roads to the acceptance and transparency of works created completely digitally that take countless hours to create.  His work has been exhibited extensively in solo shows internationally in Europe, the States, Canada and Asia as well as appearing in numerous prominent publications that include the Times magazine, Huffington Post, The Globe & Mail, Vogue Italy, Vogue Japan, Hi Fructose, Juxtapoz and others.  Caesar works are collected by numerous venerated institutions including the Bristol Museum as well as prominent collectors such as Riccardo Tisci of Givenchy, the Hearst Family (media mogul and owners of O Oprah Winfrey magazine and ESPN cable channel) and others.

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Born 1958, London England
Current Residence, Toronto Canada

1977 to 1980 The Ontario College of Art
1980 to 1996 The Hospital for Sick Children, Department of Visual
Education, Medical Artist
1998 to 2001 GVFX Toronto, Senior Animator

1999 – Primetime Emmy Nomination for Special Effects (Total Recall 2070)
1999 – Gemini Nomination for Special Effects
1999 – Monitor Award for Special Effects in a series


February – Solo Exhibition, Gallery House Toronto Canada (Solo)
Dorothy Circus Gallery, Lonodon UK (Group Pop Up)
Beinart Australia (Group)

Nov – Kochxbos Gallery, Amsterdam Netherlands (Solo)
Summer – Rare & Last Editions Exhibition, Gallery House (Solo)
Aug – Corey Helford Gallery – 10th Year Anniversary (Group)
July – James Freeman Gallery London, UK (Group)
May – Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art (Museum Tour for 2yrs)

January – Art Stage Singapore with Gallery House (fair)
Ongoing permanent exhibition at all AFA Gallery – New York, Las Vegas, New Orleans and France location.
November – Gallery House Solo Show, Toronto Canada (solo)
May – Belgium Castle with Kochxbos Gallery (group) with Erwin Olaf or Wim Delvoye, Jaime Hayon, Philippe-Starck, Jean Paul Gaultier, Yamamoto.
June – Affordable Art Fair in Hampstead, London England with Richard Goodall Gallery (fair)
July – Hamptons Art Market – Damien Roman Fine Art(fair)
July – Monaco Art Fair – Dorothy Circus Gallery(fair)
November – Solo Show, Gallery House Toronto Canada(solo)
Winter – Pandora’s Box with AFA Gallery New York (group)

February –Two Header Show Dorothy Circus Gallery, Rome Italy
CIRCA Gallery, Culver City LA, US (solo)
Affordable Art Fair New York with Richard Goodall Gallery, US (fair)
Kunstai Art Fair with Kochxbos Gallery, Netherland (fair)
Affordable Art Fair at Hampstead, London UK (fair)
Art on the Edge, Vered Gallery Hamptons New York, US (group)
Hamptons Art Market, Vered Gallery Hamptons New York, US (fair)
Texas Art Market, Damien Roman Gallery Hamptons New York, US (fair)
AFA Gallery, New York US & Las Vegas (group)
Miami Art Fair, US (fair)
Evergrande – Gallery House, Toronto Canada (group)
Toronto International Art Fair, Toronto Canada (fair)

Feb – Special Project with Spacejunk in Germany
Feb – RAW Art Fair Rotterdam with KochxBos Gallery (fair)
March – Affordable Art Fair with Richard Goodall Gallery Battersea, London (fair)
March 21- April 7, 2013 – The Pop Surrealism Show, Opera Gallery New York (group).
April – Gallery House Group Exhibition Featuring Catherine Howe and Ray Caesar, Anita   Kunz, Joe Fenton, Toronto, Canada (Group)
April 4-7 – Affordable Art Fair with Richard Goodall Gallery New York US (fair)
April 5-27 – Above Ground, Hong Kong China (group)
April 5-27 – “Pretty Girls”, Above Second, Hong Kong, China (group)
April 13 – Corey Helford Gallery Retrospective Show, Culver City LA US (solo)
June 13-16 – Affordable Art Fair with Richard Goodall Gallery Hampstead, London (fair)
July 13-August 5 – Vered Gallery Group Show, East Hamptons New York (group)
July – Vered Gallery, Art Market Hamptons New York US (fair)
Oct 3 – “Truth, Light & Matter”, Annual Exhibition at Gallery House, Toronto Canada (group)
Dec – Corey Helford Gallery, Miami Art Fair US (fair) Opera Gallery, Miami Art Fair US (fair)
Marseille, France – Celebration of European Cultural Capital for 2013 (group)
Bordeaux, France – From Pixel to Numeric Painting (Spacejunk Gallery)(group)
Vichy, France – Celebrating pop surrealism exhibition (Spacejunk Gallery)(group)

Stephen Webster Private Show, LA (solo)
January Group Show Musee de la Halle St Pierre, Paris France (group)
Group Show Musee de la Halle St Pierre, Paris France (group)
March 6-11, 2012 Scope New York, New York USA (fair)
March 10, 2012 Kochxbos Gallery, Amsterdam The Netherlands (group)
March – June 2012 Galerie du Jour, Paris France – TBD other locations traveling exhibit (group)
April 28– June 2012 Solo Show – Richard Goodall Gallery, Manchester England Solo Show (solo)
May, 2012 – Group Show Nyctalopes Exhibition, Paris France (group)
May 26-June 25, 2012 – Vered Gallery Group Exhibit, East Hampton New York USA (group) in Conjunction with Vered Auction w/Board of Trustee of MOMA
June 9, 2012 – Corey Helford Gallery Group Exhibit- “Motion: The Next Movement in Art”, Culver City LA (group)
June – September 2012 – Group Show – Spacejunk Center, France (group)
September 13-29, 2012 – Group Show – Palazzo Pisana with Dorothy Circus Gallery, Italy (group)
October 24 -28, 2012 Affordable Art Fair Battersea London with Richard Goodall Gallery, Manchester UK (fair)
October 26-29, 2012 Toronto International Art Fair, Toronto Canada (fair)
November 1-4, 2012 Affordable Art Fair Hampstead London with Richard Goodall Gallery, Manchester UK (fair)
November 29 2012 – Annual Exhibition “Miles to go before I sleep” – Gallery House w/ Gottfried Helnwein & Anita Kunz (group)
December 15, 2012 Kochxbos Gallery, Amsterdam The Netherlands (solo)
December 2012 “Crucifixion” Corey Helford Gallery, Culver City LA (group)
December 4-9, 2012 Scope Miami, Miami Florida USA (fair)

Jonathon Levine Gallery, Solo Show New York, NY (solo)
Corey Helford Gallery, “In the Nursery”, LA California
Frans Vanhove Gallery at Affordable Art Fair Brussels, Belgium
Corey Helford Gallery, Solo Show, LA California (solo)

Richard Goodall Gallery
Bristol Museum, Bristol England
Corey Helford Gallery, LA California
Affordable Art Fair, London England
NewcastleGateshead Art Fair, Newcastle, England

Galerie Magda Danysz. Paris, France
Richard Goodall Gallery. Manchester UK
Mondo Bizzaro Gallery. Rome, Italy (solo)

In The Garden of Moonlight. Jonathan LeVine Gallery. New York, NY
In The Land of Retinal Delights: The Juxtapoz Factor. Laguna Art Museum. Laguna, CA
The Tales We Tell Exhibition Lonsdale Gallery. Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

“We’ll Make a Lover of You” At The ArtCenter, South Florida
Ipso Facto Richard Goodall Gallery Manchester England (solo)
Rome Is Burning/The New School. Foster Gallery University of Wisconsin.

Sweet Victory Jonathan Levine Gallery New York (solo)
Katalogue Book Opening at The Gibson Jessop Gallery Toronto
Nostalgia , Magda Danyz Gallery, Paris
Oxop Juxtapoz show, Minneapolis
Friendly Fire, Berman Turner Projects, Santa Monica

Pulp, Lonsdale Gallery in Toronto
Secret Doors and Hidden Rooms, Jonathan Levine Gallery in New York (solo)
Upon Further Review, Rogue Buddha Gallery Minneapolis
Idols of Perversity, Bellwether Gallery New York
London Art Fair, Richard Goodall Gallery, London England
Katalogue Book Opening at The Trafalgar Hotel London England
The World of Ray Caesar Kochbos Gallery Amsterdam Holland

Now we are Six, Roq La Rue in Seattle ( group )
Age of Aquarius, Copro Nason in Los Angeles ( group )
Ray Caesar and Amy Hill, two person show at Roq La Rue in Seattle
Benefit for the Memphis six, Phoenix Arizona ( group benefit )
Misdirection 2004, Lineage Gallery in Burlington Vermont ( group )
Ghost Town, Tinmanalley in Philadelphia ( group )
Parallel Universe, Art Basel Florida ( group )

International Digital Art Awards, Melbourne Australia ( group )
Big Men in Small Cars, Tinmanalley in Philadelphia ( group )
A Complex Conspiracy, 2 person show at Tinmanalley in Philadelphia

Juxtapoz Jul/Aug 2004 #51 US
WeAr Fashion workbook Nov 2005
Gothic Beauty Jan 2006
IDN Magazine 2005
Creator Spain winter 2005
Pacha Madrid Fashion Magazine Nov 2005
NASH Ukrainian Culture Pub. cover and article 2004 Ukraine
EFX Art and Design issues #39 and #40 2004 Sweden
3D world Issue #47 January 2004 US
Toronto Life February 2005
Expose 2 – Ballistic Publishing 2004 US
Computer Graphics World July 2004 US
Computer Arts issue #59 June 2004 UK
Digital Media World 2004 Australia
New CG China cover of issue #8 2004 China
Glamour Magazine, Italian edition, article 2004 Italy
Lazama Argentina 2005
CAD Designer, Cover and article issue #200 2004 Taiwan
Denver Syntax, article 2004 US
Nippon Vogue Jan 2006
High Fructose 2007
Juxtapoz 2007
Pol Oxygen 2008
JOI 2008
Hairs How Russia 2008
Advanced Photoshop 2008
Maxim Italy 2008
Juxtapoz 2008
Urban Underground Scene publication Japan 2008

André Fauteux – Artist Bio

André Fauteux is an artist known for his abstract welded steel sculptures, which are influenced by Geometric abstraction and express themselves formally but without sacrificing the emotional impact that is more the providence of figurative imagery. He has found a way to communicate joy and sorrow, secrets and surprises. Fauteux believes that art is most compelling when reduced to Its essence, form, as expressed in the theory of Goethe and Greenberg. Fauteux has exhibited numerous international galleries and institution and has been collected by the AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario), The National Gallery (Canada), The Art Gallery of Hamilton amongst many others. Fauteux also has a permanent installation of a sculpture in the City of Barcelona, Spain and has won numerous Canada Council Awards and is in the Canada Council Art Bank.

André Fauteux has been painting for the past 10 years.

View Full CV

1946, Dunnville, Ontario, Canada

Central Technical School, Toronto (1966-1967)


Public Collections

The Art Gallery of Ontario – Toronto, Canada
The Art Gallery of Hamilton – Hamilton, Canada
The Edmonton Art Gallery – Edmonton, Canada
Museum of Fine Arts – Boston, USA
The Canada Council Art Bank – Ottawa, Canada
The Agnes Etherington Art Centre – Kingston, Canada
Portland Museum of Art (Clement Greenberg Collection) – Portland, Canada
The Douglas Duncan Collection, National Gallery – Ottawa, Canada
Innis College, University of Toronto – Toronto, Canada
The Art Gallery of Windsor – Windsor, Canada
The City of Barcelona, Spain
The Winnipeg Art Gallery – Winnipeg, Canada
La Rectoria, Sant Pere Villamajor, Barcelona, Spain
Lakehead Art Gallery, Thunder Bay, Ontario
Robert McLaughlin Art Gallery, Oshawa. Ontario
Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Halifax
Musėe d’art contemporain, Montreal
Mendel Art Gallery, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
University of Lethbridge Art Gallery, Lethbridge Alta.
York University, Dept. of Fine Art, Toronto, Ontario

Solo Exhibitions

Moore Gallery, Toronto.

Moore Gallery, Toronto.

Sable-Castelli Gallery, Toronto.

Galeria Antonio de Barnola, Barcelona

Klein Art Works , Chicago
Gallery One, Toronto
49th.Parallel, New York City, New York

Ball State University Art Gallery, Muncie, Indiana
Gallery One, Toronto. (catalogue)

Gallery One, Toronto. (catalogue)

Gallery One, Toronto.

Contemporaries II “ Ball State University Art Gallery, Muncie, Indiana
Gallery One, Toronto.

Sable – Castelli Gallery, Toronto

André Fauteux “Ten Years” organized and originating at The Agnes Etherington Art Gallery, Kingston, Ontario, and traveling to The Art Gallery of Hamilton, The Art Gallery of Windsor and Sir George Williams Art Gallery, Concordia University, Montreal (catalogue) Sable – Castelli Gallery, Toronto

Sable – Castelli Gallery, Toronto

Salander – O’Reilly Gallery, New York. (catalogue)
Harbourfront Art Gallery, Toronto

Sable – Castelli Gallery, Toronto

Sable – Castelli Gallery, Toronto

William Edward O’Reilly Gallery, New York
Sable – Castelli Gallery, Toronto

Owens Art Gallery, Mt.Allison University, Sackville, New Brunswick (catalogue)

Dietcher / O’Reilly Gallery, New York
Sable – Castelli Gallery, Toronto

Jared Sable Gallery, Toronto

Jared Sable Gallery, Toronto

Dunkleman Gallery, Toronto

Dunkleman Gallery, Toronto

Group Exhibitions

Art Stage Singapore – Gallery House, Toronto Canada(fair)

Evergrande, Gallery House – Toronto Canada(group)

Clement Greenberg: A Critic’s Collection, originates at the Portland Museum of Art, Portland, Oregon, : travels to Tulsa, OK, Dayton, OH, Syracuse, NY, Columbia, SC, Naples, FL, Palm Springs, CA

Academia de Belles Artes, Sabadell, Spain
La Rectoria, Sant Pere Villamajor, Barcelona, Spain

Sculpture of the Americas in the 90s, Museum of Modern Art of Latin America, Washington DC
Steel Smiths, U. S. Steel Tower, Pittsburg
Centre D’ART la Rectoria, Sant Pere Villamajor, Catalonia, Spain

Greenburger Foundation Awards, Jack Gallery, New York and the Mira Goddard Gallery, Toronto
Triangle Barcelona, Casa de la Caridad, Barcelona, Spain
Artscape “ Burlington Cultural Centre, Burlington, Ontario

Contemporary Sculpture from the Art Bank Collection “ Washington Square, Washington D.C. Selected by Michael Botwinick, Corcoran Gallery, and traveling to Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Dallas and San Diego

Toronto Sculpture Garden

1978/1983 “Gallery One”, Toronto

Contemporary Outdoor Sculpture at the Guild Inn, Scarborough, Ontario

Sculpture 81, Dalhousie Art Gallery, Halifax, Nova Scotia
Sculpture Selection I, Salander-O’Reilly Galley, New York
Constructivist Heritage, Harbourfront Art Gallery, Toronto
Sculpture from the Art Bank Collection, University of Lethbridge, Alberta

From the Art Bank Collection, The Gallery, Stratford

1979 Bentham/Murray/Fauteux, UNESCO, Paris

Selections from the Art Bank Collection, the Mendle Art Gallery, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Certain Traditions, Recent British and Canadian Art “, Edmonton Art Gallery, Glenbow Museum, Calgary. The Mendel Art Gallery, Saskatoon. The Art Gallery of Windsor. The Art Gallery of Hamilton. London Regional Art Gallery, London Ontario. Memorial University, St.John’s, Newfoundland.[ IN BRITAN:] Lhandudno, Wales and The Commonwealth Institute, London

Performance , Harbourfront Art Gallery, Toronto
Sculpture out of Doors , Agnes Etherington Art Centre, Kingston, Ontario
Monumental Sculpture, Toronto Dominion Centre, Toronto

Westerlund/Fauteux, Sable Castelli Gallery, Toronto
New Abstract Art, Edmonton Art Gallery, Alberta
Lines Limits Projections, The Gallery, Stratford, Ontario
Rehearsal , Harbourfront Art Gallery, Toronto
Eleven Sculptors, Musée d’Art Contemporain, Montreal

Ontario Now, Kitchener Waterloo Art Gallery and the Art Gallery of Hamilton

Abstractions, XXI Olimpiad, Montreal.The Gallery, Stratford, Ontario. Canadian Cultural Centre, Paris,Canada House, London, UK

The Condition of Sculpture, The Hayward Gallery, London, U.K.
Up Front 75,Toronto
Eight from Toronto, The Winnipeg Art Gallery and The Cranbrook Academy of Art, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Five on the Scene, Isaacs Gallery, Toronto

Two Canadians, Gallery Ivan Spence, Ibiza, Spain
Salon de Mayo, Barcelona, Spain

Colour and Form Society, Hart House Toronto.

Picture Loan Society, Toronto


Karen Wilkin, Clement Greenberg: A Critic’s Collection, catalogue to the exhibition
The Portland Museum of Art, Portland, Oregon, 2001
Linda Genereux, About Art, Canadian House and Home, Feb. /Mar. 91
Linda Genereux, Artforum, December, 1989
Donna Lypchuk, Metropolis, Toronto, September 14, 1989
Jordi Belver, La Vanguardia, Domingo, Barcelona, August 21, 1988
Joana Uribe, Tiempo, Madrid, June 8-14, 1987
Rosario Fontova, El Periodico, Barcelona, May 22, 1987
Ken Carpenter, Art Post, Feb.-March, 1987
Karen Boots, Ball State Daily News, March 8, 1985, Muncie , Indiana
Clara Hargittay, “The Canadian Encyclopedia”, Hurtig, 1985
Karen Wilkin, “Triangle Workshop…”, The Art Post, November, 1983
David Burnett & Marilyn Shiff, “Contemporary Canadian Art”, Hurtig, 1985
Lawrence Sabbath, The Gazette, Montreal, May 28, 1983
Joy Hakinson Colby, The Detroit News, January 22, 1983
Bill Hutchinson, The Whig Standard-Magazine, Kingston, ON, 1982
Karen Wilkin, “ The Sites of Halifax “, Art News 1981
Karen Wilkin, “ Sculpture 81” exhibition catalogue 1981
Ilene Susan Fort, Arts Magazine, November 1980
Christopher Youngs, catalogue essay, “Bentham Murray Fauteux “, UNESCO. Paris 1979
Woods, Kay. “Harold Klunder, Andre Fauteux,” Artscanada, August-September, 1979
James Purdie, the Globe and Mail, April 21, 1979
Ken Carpenter, “ New Abstract Art “, Artmagazine, 1978
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Phyllis Tuchman, “ International Sculpture “ Art in America, 1978
Phyllis Tuchman, Art in America, May / June 1978
James Purdie, Art News, January 1978
Walter Klepack, Vie des Arts, Spring 1977
Richard Lorber, Arts Magazine, March 1976
Lawrence Alloway, Artforum, October 1975


1987 – Chosen by Helen Frankenthaler as the recipient of a Francis Greenberger Foundation award at the Guggenheim Museum.
1971-90 – Canada Council Arts Grant “A” & “B”


Gottfried Helnwein – Artist Bio

Gottfried Helnwein who’s concerned primarily with psychological and sociological anxiety, historical issues and political topics.  As a result of this, his work is often considered provocative and controversial.  Reoccurring focuses include the Child unlike portrayed in usual innocent carefree manners are vividly depicted as physically and emotionally harmed.  As well as self-portraits and the Holocaust.  Also reoccurring are cartoons twisted with a monstrous vision.  Other works of Helnwein includes portraits of the Rolling Stone, John F Kennedy for Time magazine, Andy Warhol, Muhammed Ali and works of art in the ‘History’ album of Michael Jackson.

View Full CV

BORN 1948, Vienna Austria


April – One Man Show – Werner Berg Museum Bleiburg(Solo)

Pan Palazzo Delle Arti Di Napoli(Retrospective)
Friedman Benda Gallery(Solo)

Feb – April – Warhol to Richter, Albertina Museum Featuring Warhol, Richter, Baselitz, Polke, Helnwein, Gertsch, Fontana, Lassnig(Group)
Feb 2015 – May 10, 2015 Death & Beauty – Kumu Art Museum Tallinn Estonia
May – Volksbühne Berlin(Retrospective)
Art Miami New Yok Pier 94 with Modernism Gallery San Francisco(Fair)
Nov 2015-Jan 20, 2016 – Museum of Modern Art Belgrade(Solo)
Oct 2015 – Feb 21, 2016 Rabenmutter – Zwischen Kraft Und Krise – Lentos Art Museum, Linz

Daelim Contemporary Museum Seoul, Korea (Solo)

Friedman Benda, New York (Solo)
Retrospective at Albertina Museum Vienna
Oct – “Truth, Light & Matter” Annual Exhibition, Gallery House Toronto Canada (Group)

Solo Show Museo Nacional de San Carlos, Mexico City Solo Show at Hilario Galguera, Mexico City Annual Show “Miles to go before I sleep” (Group) Gallery House, Toronto Canada

“Pop’d from the Panel” Exhibit at the Charles M. Schulz Museum Santa Rosa California (2011) San Francisco Fine Arts Museum, (130,000 visitors)

Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento

“Disasters of War” series of paintings in memory of Francisco de Goya II at Modernism Gallery in San Francisco

Solo Show Lentos Museum, Linz -Austria (record museum visitor & PR for museum)

“Beautiful Children” Solo show at Ludwig Museum Scholoss Oberhausen & Wilhelm Busch Museum, Hannover “Soul” Exhibition at Museum of Modern Art Ostend

“Ninth November Night” Museum of Tolerance, Los Angeles

“Downtown” The American paintings II Solo Show at Modernism Gallery in San Francisco “Portrait Obscured” San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art

“apocalypse” Gothic Dominican Church in Krems, Austria (Solo)

Waino Aaltonen Museum of Art, Turku Finaland

Retrospective at State Russian Museum, St Petersburg

Fine Arts Museum, Otaru Japan “Neunter November Nacht”

Group Exhibition for the Ludwig Collection from antiquities to the present day at Ludwig Museum Schloss Oberhausen Trying to Mourne” “Faces”, Houston Centre for Photography (Solo) Solo Show at Daelim Contemporary Museum Seoul, Korea

(Note Exhibits extensive dates back to 1992 and prior)

Friedman Benda, New York (Solo) Teatro Elfo Puccini Group Exhibit, Mlano(Solo)

Art Basel Week Fair “Midnight Mickey” Helnwein Sotheby’s New York “Gottfried Helnwein and the Dreaming Child “at Carmel Art and Film Festival Group Exhibit with Joseph Beuys, Chuck Close, Andy Warhol and others at DZ Bank Kunstsammlung Double Installation “48 Portraits” Gottfried Helnwein & Gerhard Richter at Galerie Rudolfium, Prague “The Last Child” installation throughout the City of Waterford, Ireland

The University of Arizona Museum of Art “ (2003)

Lead White Gallery, Dublin “VII” Group Exhibit Robert Sandelson Gallery, London (Solo)

Brian Richer – Artist Bio

Brian Richer’s (b. 1968 Sudbury, ON., Canada) artistic practice is as varied as his work experience, which includes stone carving, industrial design, restaurant ownership, and interior design. A central aspect of Richer’s practice is testing the limits of materials, both in terms of their aesthetic and structural properties, as well as their ability to represent and make reference. Richer is also interested in the intersection between art and technology, an area which he explores through a branch of Castor Design (a Toronto-based design which Richer runs with Kei Ng) entitled Science and Humanities Division. Richer’s understanding of both art history and contemporary art, combined with his appreciation of technology, allow him to create objects which elude immediate categorization. Richer’s work blurs the line between the practicality of engineering on one hand, and the indulgence of fine art on the other. (photographed by Derek Shapton)

View Full CV

1968- Sudbury ON

Guild Institute of Stone and Restoration Masons
Specialty Course in Conservation
Ontario Masonry Training Center
York University, BA ( English Literature and Philosophy)
Centennial College, Arts Diploma


Present Castor Design (Owner & Lead Designer), Toronto Canada

Carter, Richer & Stark (Owner), Toronto Canada
– Stone cutting, conservation mason
– Carved work for Old City Hall, St James Cathedral, Queens Park

Traditional Cut stone, Toronto Canada
– Architectural stone carving & conservation mason
– Carved work for many large projects in US and Canada

Modern Hieroglyphics, Ottawa Canada
– Stone carving & conservation work
– Carved work for Peace Tower and West Block

Cleveland Quarries, Cleveland Ohio
-Architectural stone carver

Instructor “Use of Lime Mortars”, Ottawa Canada

DJ Mc Rae Contracting, Toronto Canada
-Stone and conservation mason

Colonial Building Restoration, Ottawa Canada
– Conservation mason



Evergrande, Gallery House – Toronto Canada(group)

April – Gallery House Group Exhibition Featuring Catherine Howe and Ray Caesar, Anita   Kunz, Joe Fenton, Toronto, Canada (Group)
Oct – October 3, 2013 – “Truth, Light & Matter” Gallery House Annual Exhibition Featuring Ray Caesar, Joe Fenton, Gottfried Helnwein, Stephen Ibbott & Anita Kunz (Group)

Dream Catcher (Bombay Saphire), Toronto Canada
Eames Fart Chair (Textile Museum), Toronto Canada
Pop Up Dinner with Moonshine Still (Design Exchange), Toronto Canada
Crystal Chandeliers  (Bell Light Box), Toronto Canada

Milan Furniture Fair (Venture Lambrate), Milan Italy
“Blue Gash” (City of Toronto Commission), Toronto Canada
“No.9 Art Fair” Toronto International Art Fair (Fair), Toronto Canada
“Wire Installation” Power Plant (Event-Annual Power Ball), Toronto Canada
Packaging Installation- one of three designers selected (San Diego Art Fair) USA
Paper Chair (Textile Museum), Toronto Canada

Pope Joan Chair (Interior Design Show), Toronto Canada

Winnebago and Pig Roast Installation (Power Plant), Toronto Canada
Bubble Wrap Room (Toronto Art Fair), Toronto Canada
Winnebago- Featured Designers (Interior Design Show), Toronto Canada

Cardboard Box Installation (Toronto Art Fair), Toronto Canada Beton Brut (Concrete Fishing Hut) (Interior Design Show), Toronto Canada No 9 Booth (Toronto Art Fair), Toronto Canada

“Come Up To My Room” Gladstone Hotel (Fair), Toronto Canada



Documentary Film, 2012
Steven & Chris CTV, 2012
CTV/Ford, 2012
Globe & Mail, 2012
Azure Magazine, 2011
I.D Magazine, 2009
Toronto Life Magazine, 2008
The Walrus, 2008
Toro Magazine, 2006
Dwell Magazine, 2006


Top 10 Booth Award By Yatzer- Milan Furniture Fair 2011
Best Booth- Interior Design Show 2008
Id Magazine- Top Forty Designers Under 40- 2008


Carol Sutton – Artist Bio

Sutton is mainly known for her large scale abstract acrylic paintings, which she paints with her canvas, laid directly on the floor. Related to the tradition of Color Field Painting her art has been linked by prominent critics to the art movement called Lyrical Abstraction. Her smaller paper works often take on unusual structural forms and have widely extended edges, sometimes cut in wave shapes. In 1987 Sutton was one of the few international artists invited to participate in the Art Triangle Workshop in Barcelona, her third Triangle workshop. Two years later a major Canada Council Grant allowed her to again travel to Europe to photograph and study ironwork throughout Spain and France. Carol Sutton’s artwork is represented in many public and private international contemporary art collections including: Smithsonian American Art Museum,The Museum of Fine Arts Boston, Mass.

View Full CV

1945, Norfolk, Virginia, USA

1967 Richmond Professional Institute (now Virginia Commonwealth University) – B.F.A. (Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree) – Magna Cum Laude – the highest honor of The Gold Key Award, presented to one student upon graduation and selected by the faculty and student peers

1969 University of North Carolina – M.F.A. (Masters of Fine Arts) – Chancellors Purchase Award purchase of large scale sculpture by ‘Weatherspoon Art Gallery’, Greensboro, N.C.


Selected Public Collections
Smithsonian American Art Museum – USA
The Museum of Fine Arts Boston [MFA] – USA
The Fitzwilliam Museum of Cambridge – Cambridge, United Kingdom
Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona (MACBA) – Barcelona, Spain
Weatherspoon Art Museum,Greensboro – North Carolina, USA
Art Gallery of Alberta – Alberta, Canada
Agnes Etherington Art Centre – Kingston, Canada
Cineplex Odeon Corporations, Sand Lank Seven Cinemas – Orlando, USA
Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery – Ontario, Canada
MacLaren Art Centre – Barrie, Canada
Hamilton Art Gallery / AGH – Hamilton, Canada
Art Gallery of Greater Victoria (AGGV) – Victoria, Canada

Hospital Collections
Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care – Toronto, Ontario, Canada
New Mt. Sinai Hospital – Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Toronto General Hospital – Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Sunnybrook Hospital – Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Select Corporate Collections
Sample: Admirals Club, American Airlines; Canada Development Corporation; Price Waterhouse Coopers, Four Season Hotel, Mather Oil & Gas, Montreal Port Authority, Norcen Energy Resources, Rio Tinto, Royal Trust, Shell Canada, Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada, TD Bank, Triangle Artist Workshop Trust, United Westburne Industries, Vincor International Inc.

Solo Exhibitions

Gallery One – Faberge Jewelry Series – Toronto, Canada

Gallery One – The Spirit Balcony Paintings – Toronto, Canada

Joseph D. Carrier Art Gallery, Columbus Centre – Toronto, Canada

Burdett Coutts Gallery – The Canadian Apron, The Spanish Capes, & The Earrings – Toronto, Canada
Artist studio exhibition open to the public #2 – The Spanish Capes Series, & The Apron Series – Toronto, Canada
Artist studio exhibition open to the public #1 – The Apron Series – Toronto, Canada

Kathleen Laverty Gallery Limited – Recent Paintings – Edmonton, Canada

The Niagara Institute – Ideas For a Collection-A Spanner in The Works – Niagara on the Lake, Canada
291 Gallery – Paper Change – Toronto, Canada

Terrance Sulymko Fine Art & Oakham House at Ryerson College – Toronto, Canada

Gallery One – Silhouette-Grill-Balcony Paintings – Toronto, Canada

Gallery One – Recent Paintings & New Collages – Toronto, Canada

Institute of North-American Studies, British Council, Ambassador of Canada – Barcelona, Spain

Triangle Artist Workshop, Pine Plains – New York, USA
Gallery One – Recent Works on Canvas – Toronto, Canada
Kathleen Laverty Gallery Limited – Recent Paintings – Edmonton, Canada

Galerie Elca London – Recent Paintings – Montreal, Canada
Buschen/ Mowatt Fine Arts – Recent Works on Canvas – Vancouver, Canada

Gallery One, Canada – Recent Works on Canvas – Toronto, Canada
Gallery One, Canada – Small Oval Paintings – Toronto, Canada

Galerie Elca London – Recent Works on Canvas – Montreal, Canada
Gallery One, Water Spirals and Aqua Nebula by Carol Sutton, Toronto, Canada
Triangle Artist Workshop, Pine Plains, New York, USA

Gallery One – Recent Works on Canvas – Toronto, Canada
Gallery One – Works on Paper – Toronto, Canada

Salander-O’Reilly Galleries – New York, U.S.A.
Gallery One & Sotheby’s Auction – ‘Aqua Chorda’ – Toronto, Canada

Theo Waddington Galleries – Montreal, Canada
Salander-O’Reilly Galleries – New York, U.S.A.

William Edward O’Reilly – Recent Paintings on Canvas and Paper – New York, U.S.A 
Theo Waddington Galleries – Recent Paintings on Canvas and Paper – Toronto, Canada

Theo Waddington Galleries – Recent Paintings on Canvas & Paper – Toronto, Canada
William Edward O’Reilly – Small Paintings on Canvas and Paper – New York, U.S.A 
William Edward O’Reilly – Large Paintings on Canvas and Paper – New York, U.S.A 

A.C.T. – Artist Co-operative Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada – New Music Concerts- Concert Hall Organ – Inaugural Concert – “Fancye” by composer David Jaeger and artist Carol Sutton: with The Canadian Electronic Ensemble.  For Organ and Computer Synthesized Sound, with Moving Sculpture and Lights. performance event on December 2, 1973

University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada – New Music Concerts-Multi-program -Canadian Electronic Ensemble, “Automatic Duo”, by David Jaeger and James Montgomery, sculpture and visual accompaniment by Carol Sutton

Weatherspoon Art Gallery, currently called: The Weatherspoon Art Museum, of the University of North Carolina, Greensboro, North Carolina, USA. – Solo Sculpture Exhibition by Carol Sutton-Martin

Select Group Exhibitions

Art Stage Singapore – Gallery House, Toronto Canada(fair)

Evergrande, Gallery House – Toronto Canada(group)

Bright Colours, Big Canvas: Jack Bush’, at Agnes Etherington Art Centre, Queen’s University – Kingston, Canada

The Sam & Adele Golden Foundation for the Arts, 10 Year Celebration & Art Auction Benefit – New York, USA

Grand Re-Opening Saturday April 12, 2003 – The Fitzwilliam Museum of Cambridge – United Kingdom, (two paintings on loan)

‘Abstraction- A Curator’s Choice’, The Art Gallery of Algoma – Sault Ste. Marie, Canada.

“Abstraction Now”, Selected by Karen Wilkin”- Featuring paintings by: Ann Clarke, Michele Drouin, Katja Jacobs, Harold Feist, Joseph Drapell, Douglas Haynes, Bill Kort, Bobby Tamo, Alice Teichert, and Carol Sutton. Lecture given by Karen Wilkin – Toronto, Canada

“V.I.P. A Selection of Very Important Painters celebrating their work of the 80’s”, Gallery One, Featured paintings by: Stanley Boxer, Joseph Drapell, Fridel Dzubas, Sam Francis, Helen Frankenthaler, Doug Haynes, David. Hockney, Katja Jacobs, Robert Motherwell, Kenneth Noland, Jules Olitski, Larry Poons, Frank Stella, and Carol Sutton – Toronto, Canada

“The MBA (Boston) Hines Contemporary Art Collection”, University Place at Harvard Square – Boston, U.S.A.

“Color II”, paintings by John Griefen, Darryl Hughto, Carol Sutton, Dan Christensen, Kikuo Saito, Susan Roth, and Clifford Ross, Martha White Gallery –  Louisville, U.S.A.

Three Person Group Museum Show: “Carol Sutton, Kikuo Saito, and Terrance Keller”, Edmonton Art Gallery – Edmonton, Canada

“The New Generation: A Curator’s Choice by Kenworth Moffett”, Premiere- The Andre Emmerich Gallery, New York then touring Europe in Paris, France, Berlin, West Germany & Portugal

“The Heritage of Jack Bush”, Touring Canada – Robert McLaughlin Gallery, Ontario, Koffler Centre for the Arts, Ontario, Mendel Art Gallery, Saskatchewan, Medicine Hat Museum, Alberta, Burlington Cultural Centre, Ontario, Rodman Hall, Ontario, Gallery, Ontario, Sir George Williams University, Quebec

“Sutton, Saito, and Ross”, Salander-O’Reilly Galleries Inc – New York, U.S.A

“The Staff Collects – An Experiment” – Shell Canada, Harbourfront Art Gallery – Toronto, Canada

“Carol Sutton and Thomas Downing”, William Edward O’Reilly Inc. – New York, U.S.A

“Certain Traditions: Recent British and Canadian Art” Touring – Canada,  Scotland, Wales & United Kingdom

“New Abstract Art”, Edmonton Art Gallery – Edmonton, Canada

“Montpelier Farm Stable Show of Eight Artists” – Maryland, USA

Gallery of Contemporary Art, Winston-Salem, now SECCA – North Carolina, USA

Selena Wong – Artist Bio

Like the urban environment of her place of birth in Hong Kong, Selena’s work reflects the petite surroundings, the places tucked away, forgotten, and removed from reality. Interested in superstition, folklore and the fantastical, Selena’s meticulously detailed translations of her daydreams and nightmares are both playful and disturbing. She currently works and lives in Toronto with her Netherland dwarf rabbit.

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1986, Hong Kong, China

Ontario College of Art & Design Honours BDes (2009)
Rhode Island School of Design Mobility & Exchange, (2007)


Freaks & Americana-An Exploration of Big Top Culture, Corey Helford Gallery – LA, USA (group)
Selena Wong & Myron Zabol, Gallery House – Toronto, Canada (solo)

If Walls Could Talk, Gladstone Hotel – Toronto, Canada
Giants Amongst Us, CIRCA Gallery, Culver City, LA US (group)
Evergrande Exhibition, Gallery House – Toronto Canada

Luminato Arts Festival, Toronto, Canada
Scarygirl, Toytokyo/Underground Gallery, NYC, USA
Wieden + Kennedy, Portland, USA
Black Math, Stream Whistle Brewing, Toronto, Canada
Unworldly Reunion, DanZon Art & Dance Centre, Toronto, Canada

Power in Numbers, Gallery Nucleus, Toronto, Canada
Steam Whistle Brewing, Toronto, Canada
Toronto Hearts Japan, Gladstone Hotel, Toronto, Canada

The Unicorn, Narwhal Art Projects, Toronto, Canada
A Wing Ding Zine Fair, Xpace, Toronto, Canada
Memory of Enemies, Steam Whistle Brewing, Toronto, Canada
The Dazzle, Narwhal Art Projects, Toronto, Canada

Little Crowns, Narwhal Art Projects, Toronto, Canada
Curvy Show Launch, Magic Pony, Toronto, Canada
The Art of S.O.S., Project 165, Toronto, Canada
Life Drawing, Narwhal Art Projects, Toronto, Canada
Untapped Emerging Artist Exhibition, Toronto, Canada

Gifted, Show & Tell Gallery, Toronto, Canada
Luminato Arts Festival, Toronto, Canada


NMA, Gold

NMA, Gold
AI 31, Chosen
CQ 29, Fine Arts

Lürzer’s Archive 200

NMA, Honourable Mention
3×3, no.6 | Institutional
AI 28, Chosen

Myron Zabol – Artist Bio

Toronto based photographer Myron Zabol has had a career in commercial and fine art photography for over 40 years. He has been honored with over 70 awards for his work from the Toronto, Montreal and New York City. Traveling exhibitions from this series of portraits have been permanently archived and administered by Canada’s National Gallery, the “Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography” and curated by the Iroquois “Woodland Cultural Center”, Brantford, Ontario. Myron Zabol’s photography has been featured in both Group and Individual Exhibitions. Selected works are in collections in Europe, Asia, USA and Canada. The center of his creativity is an ability to communicate through personal encounter, visual experience and spiritual conflict. The early selected works reflect society, fashion, landscapes, spiritualism and portraiture.

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1945, Wilkie Saskatchewan


Myron Zabol – Gallery House, Toronto Canada(solo)
CAMH (Canadian Association of Mental Hospital) UnMasked – Gallery House, Toronto Canada(feature)

Evergrande, Gallery House – Toronto Canada(group)
Beaux Arts des Ameriques – Montreal. Havana (solo)

Beaux Arts des Ameriques – Montreal group show Platinum Prints (group)

Beaux Arts des Ameriques – Montreal group show Platinum Prints (group)

Beaux Arts des Ameriques – Montreal group show Platinum Prints (group)

Spazio Dell’arte – Toronto – Platinum Prints (solo)
Papermill Gallery – Toronto – Platinum Prints (solo)

Index G Gallery – Toronto – Platinum Prints. Solo Exhibit. Contact (solo)

Kopavogur Art Musuem – Kopavagur 2006 Solo Exhibit ‘People of the Dancing Sky’(solo)

Helsinki Gallery – Toronto (group)
Art Squared Gallery – Toronto – group show – ‘People of the Dancing Sky’(group)
McMichael Gallery – Kleinburg – ‘People of the Dancing Sky’ (solo)
Collaboration between the Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography & TheWoodlands Cultural Centre (solo)

Deleon White Gallery Toronto – (group)

John Dandy Gallery – Toronto – Group Showing
Woodland Cultural Centre, ‘People Of The Dancing Sky’ Collaboration between the Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography & The Woodlands Cultural Centre(solo)

Caban – Toronto – Vancouver ‘People of the Dancing Sky’ (solo)

‘Native Spirits/Iroquois’ Selected Works. Agfa Germany Online Art Gallery (solo)

‘Rainforest Images’ – St.Lucia West Indies. Individual Showing
‘Native Spirits/Iroquois’ Selected Works. Viacom-Agfa Film – Toronto

‘Aza Mirage’. Idee Gallery – Toronto (solo)

Selected Works. Idee Gallery – Toronto (solo)

Selected Works. Idee Gallery – Toronto (solo)

Selected Works. Idee Gallery – Toronto (group)

Selected Works. Okeefe Center – Toronto (group)

Selected Works. Ontario Science Center – Toronto

Selected Works. Salon de Artists – Toronto

Art Fairs
2010 – Toronto International Art Fair

People of the Dancing Sky – Stoddart General – Canada
People of the Dancing Sky – St. Martin’s Press -USA

Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography
Woodland Cultural Centre
Agfa Film Company – Germany, Canada
Husky Injection Moulding
Zurich Insurance Company
Trinity Developments Company
Individual Collections: Canada, USA, Europe, Asia, St. Lucia
Kodak Film Company – USA
Norstar Corporation